Soho Artists consultancy arm helps artists, labels and retailers  and entertainment start ups maximize their business potential. Some of our clients include:

Fi-Def (USA- start up)
Colbalt (Greece- label)
SonyDADC (Austria – manufacturer)
The Eighth Note (Israel – label/retailer)
Stadium Entertainment (USA – label)
Blueprint (UK – digital media provider)
Winedark Records (USA – label)
Creative Entertainment Group (UK – concert/event promoter)
TIC Technology (USA – Artist)
Mona Records (UK – label)
Phantom Vox (USA – label/artist)
Tracks & Tunes (UK – label/publisher service provider)
Prelude to Peace (USA – event promoter)
Macquarie Bank (AUS – corporate finance)
TRP 2009 (UK- investment fund)
Fyzz Music Video Ltd (UK- start up)